About Us



Dr. Eddy Martínez

iPassed is the fruit of our passion and diligence to help motivated individuals achieve their dream profession, nursing. It was formed with one sole reason to make nursing graspable. At iPassed we have amalgamated our years of NCLEX expertise and knowledge to craft the best nursing curriculums for each review course that we teach. At iPassed we prepare you for NCLEX and other board exams to help you progress through nursing and flourish your career.

Our instructors have opted to spread their knowledge and experience amongst individuals’ aspiring to pass the NCLEX. We take pride in going beyond the exam-focused workshops and courses but has designed a web of topics that follow a content accordingly to the NCLEX test plan.

Our Mission

To be an entity that generates changes, by orienting and preparing professionals who can apply their knowledge and skills without limits, in order to be more competitive in the working market; thus guaranteeing a position where they can do what they love the most.

Our Vision

To achieve a leading position in the NCLEX training and review market and be the premier choice for individuals pursuing a profession and a career in nursing.

Our Values

Values are responsibility, commitment, honesty and integrity